Pressure Washing


Another Service provided by Trade 2 Home is 'Pressure Washing'.  This has many benefits not to mention the 'new look' it can bring back to your driveway, pathway or patio! 


Many people often don't notice how dirty their paving has become but once this work has began there is a big difference! The pictures here are perfect examples of this!



Does Your Property Need It?


That’s a good question, most people would think ‘probably not,’ but during this day and age many Claims for Injury, Loss of Earnings, Damages, etc are put forward due to residents, visitors and even staff slipping on dirty unwashed paving slabs / paved areas. This is a basic ‘Health and Safety Risk’ which few companies and Landlords usually do not realise until an incident has already happened. Slipping on paved areas is usually caused by unwashed and dirt-ingrained flags where regular weedkilling will fail to completely remove this danger.


A simple answer would be to pressure jet wash the entire area, this would not only remove the danger of people slipping, but will also make the entire paved area look as good as new again. This is a simple method, and is a recent addition to the services ‘Trade 2 Home’ is offering.


How Often Would It Need To Be Done?


Usually twice a per year will suffice, but in extreme cases it can be as much as six times per year, (i.e.: where your path or paved area is completely shaded by trees etc). 

Most properties usually have one visit though, and another only when it’s necessary. Two visits per year is the usual recommendation however.


This service is not expensive and noticeable effects are guaranteed.


If you would like a free quote for this service then please