General Statement of Policy


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002



It is the policy of Trade 2 Home to comply with the terms of the "COSHH" regulations to the requirements set out by the HSE.


All staff are trained in the use of applying and using pesticides and herbicides, and full personal protective equipment (PPE) / clothing to the required standards is provided.  Prevention of exposure to hazardous substances being the main aim.


All cuts, broken skin are to be covered at all times using a waterproof dressing and thorough washing after use.


All chemicals (if any are used) are mixed and applied accordingly (as set out in the manufacturers instructions).


Any staff of ours who arn't fully trained in this field and isn't aware of the full 'COSHH' guidelines, will not be undertaking and "weedkilling" or any other form of "applying chemicals" on site.